Friday, 15 May 2009

Busy Friday!

Today I have been busy making jewellery for customer orders, and to stock shops. Im just making my first order for Cardiff based Lunacy Boutique, which I'm very excited to be a part of!

I thought Id take a photo of my workspace, which is my kitchen table. I love my kitchen table!

Its an original 1960s table, which has retro pop flowers embedded in the formica top. I rescued it from the local Salvation Army shop a few years ago. It was in good condition - but filthy! I spent hours scrubbing it, and re-upholstered the seat pads in some vintage fabric which matches perfectly and made some cushions too. It certainly gets a lot of use anyway and was more than worth the £20 donation!


  1. Well done for starting your blog - it's very pink! I like your little workspace, very cute (and tidy!)

  2. hullloooo!
    Thanks for following me! Glad things are working out for you.
    Speak to you soon and I look forawrd to reading your posts.
    T. x

  3. Yay - no need to ramble on to yourself - you have followers!

    See you next Saturday!