Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mad Ferret Festival

In two weeks time, I'm having my first stall of the season at the Mad Ferret Festival in Platt Fields, Manchester.
Its a 2 day festival with all sorts of music, mainly street/dance/dub/jazz (headliners are Finley Quaye and The Steets). There is also a comedy stage, stalls (including me!), food, beer etc.
There is attendance of about 5,000 people, EEK! Im a bit scared, but looking forward to it.
This weekend I have been madly making stock for the event...and will be mostly doing so for the next two weeks! Weekend tickets are £55, available from the website and usual ticket providers.

See website for full line up and info:

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  1. Gutted, I've got my own mini festival going on that saturday - will try and go down on the friday - see you there and good luck. I feel it in my bones that you'll do really well!