Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Cupcake Tattoo

This is my lovely new cupcake tattoo! Drawn by me and tattooed on by Beany at Inkspirations, Manchester. Its on my tummy and its about 10cm high. It took 4 and half hours in total, and took two sittings. Beany did a great job, and Im absolutely thrilled with it, yippee!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Bill and Ben

Meet Bill and Ben, my sunflower pot men! Kindly given to me as little seedlings by my friend Jo, they are now about 4 and 5 ft high - and rising! There is still no sign of a flower head on them yet, but I have faith ;-D

They seem to like this sunny spot in my garden, next to the outhouse. The outhouse used to be the outside toliet and coal storage for my house (built in 1908), and my dad converted into a little storage building for us. No-one else on my street still has thiers, so I think its rather special!

Floral updates hopefully to follow in the next few weeks....

Sunday, 19 July 2009

The best comes to she who waits.....

I spotted these lovely shoes in Office a few months ago, loved them, but couldn't justify the £55 price tag (I'm an eternal bargain hunter!), so imagine my great delight when browsing in Office yesterday in Manchester Topshop, they had been reduced to £20. They tick every Clare box; Red, polka dots, bow, low heel (I simply cannot walk in high heels). Yippee!

Here is a photo of them on my beloved kitchen table. I'm not superstitious by the way - I lived at number 13 for 25 years, and designed footwear for 2 and a half years, putting new shoes on tables nearly every day ;-D

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Camper Van Dreams....

Today I went to the FUSE Crafters meet up, a local community craft group that I am part of. I always enjoy going to the meets as there are lots of interesting people to chat too and always some yummy homemade cake and cups of tea going round!

When I arrived today, one of the group, Lynsey, had recently purchased a lovely yellow camper van. I was in awe as I have been thinking about getting one when my beloved Graham (my Pink car!) conks out. After the meet, Lynsey kindly let me have a nosey in her van - and it was fabulous. It made me want one all the more! Better get saving......

My ideal would be a 2 tone VW in pink and black...something a bit like this.

Dream on Clare, dream on!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Computer nightmare!

Hmmm, not blogged for a while now. This is due to the fact that I have been having a computer nightmare! A few months ago, my computer started to 'Blue Screen'. Anyone who has a PC who this has happened to, will know what a horror it is. For those that dont; your computer basically shuts down, without any warning whatsoever and you loose whatever you were in the middle of, and you get this lovely blue screen (see left!).
So, after the problem getting worse and worse, the computer has been in for repair and it took them TWO WEEKS to fix it! Argh!
Working from home, not having my computer - Internet, Email, Design programs is an absolute nightmare. I was so happy to get back my machine yesterday so I can now resume as normal and get things back on track - hoorah!