Thursday, 16 July 2009

Camper Van Dreams....

Today I went to the FUSE Crafters meet up, a local community craft group that I am part of. I always enjoy going to the meets as there are lots of interesting people to chat too and always some yummy homemade cake and cups of tea going round!

When I arrived today, one of the group, Lynsey, had recently purchased a lovely yellow camper van. I was in awe as I have been thinking about getting one when my beloved Graham (my Pink car!) conks out. After the meet, Lynsey kindly let me have a nosey in her van - and it was fabulous. It made me want one all the more! Better get saving......

My ideal would be a 2 tone VW in pink and black...something a bit like this.

Dream on Clare, dream on!


  1. fit or whatt ;D;D

  2. You know, my girlfriend has been dying to have that car! Where did you get those? I'm pretty sure she'll get totally excited, once she sees this.

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