Sunday, 2 August 2009

Retro pattern hunt.....

This weekend I have been looking at print and pattern designs, gathering inspiration for a new project. I love retro homeware and textiles (have I mentioned my amazing kitchen table before?!) and found some brilliant designs on my internet search. One of my current fave illustrators is the Finnish designer, Sanna Annukka. Sanna designed the covers for the Keane Albums, but I actually prefer her folklore inspired repeat pattern designs.
Check out her work on her website:


  1. She is fab isn't she! Did you see the designs she did for cravendale? They were gorgeous but cravendale made her take them off her site! I think people must of been giving them grief for not using them. They really were fantastic, sooooo much better than that stupid plastic cow and pirate!

  2. God, I really like her folksy style, she designed for the holy grail of design houses - marimeko. I think her illustrations are stronger than her patterns, but generally very striking.

    Are we allowed to know what your new project is??

  3. You might find this blog inspiring:
    I do!

  4. Tracey - I managed to find a picture of those milk cartons on the internet - she was robbed!
    Cheryl, ooh, love that Blog - thanks. I love illustration like that. I have a book by Miroslav Sasek that I love which her illustrations remind me of: