Tuesday, 29 September 2009

NEW Dolly Cool Aprons

I screenprinted some cool gingham aprons last week, ready to sell at the CHEAP magazine craft fair that I did at the weekend. I of course had to keep one for myself, so this is me "testing it out" by making some stem ginger cookies..which are (were!) delicious! I also designed the hoodie I'm wearing too...cupcakes of course! :)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

New Tattoo

This week, I got a new tattoo (or two!). Im not massively into tattoos with meanings, and just like them mostly for the artistic element, but my swallows are symbolic of my fresh start this year with my Dolly Cool brand, which I am currently working on expanding into more lines to include cardigans, bags and scarves....watch this space in the next few weeks! This is me proudly showing off my new swallows, taken an hour after they were done, in front of my Hello Kitty shower curtain!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Bill & Ben Update!

Last month, I blogged about my first ever attempt to grow some sunflowers, who I named Bill & Ben. Sadly Ben died not long after of a black fly infestation! However, Bill soldiered on, and this week has finally flowered! His flower is a bit on the tiny side, but im still very pleased as I thought I wasn't going to get one at all!! Here are some pics of Bill in all his glory!

Hooray! Bill is a bit weedy, but about 6ft 6" . Im really happy, as you can see :D
I dont just grow things, run and bake by the way. I do also do some rock n roll stuff too! Watch this space for some more rockin' blog posts in the next few weeks! Exciting new Dolly Cool project on the cusp....psychobilly gig coming up (The legendery Vince Ray).....and a spanking new tattoo on the way....

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunny Summer Runs

As well as creating tattoo and cute jewellery and designing things like dismembered hand hairclips (!) I like nothing better on a sunday morning than going for a run nice n' early (im an early bird, not a night owl!). I took these photos with my camera phone while out on the run with my partner, Michael, at local Bolton beauty spot, Entwistle Reservoir.

The spiders webs were all beaded with fine dew drops and looked stunning in the early morning sun

The sun was shining brightly and created this nice effect on the camera. Michael is running ahead in the distance!

The morning sun shining through the trees. I'm really quite pleased with these photos seeing as I only snapped them with my camera phone. Its the first time I have used it as a proper camera, and I cant tell you how long it took me how to fathom out how to download them on the computer when I got home!! :-# !!