Friday, 18 September 2009

Bill & Ben Update!

Last month, I blogged about my first ever attempt to grow some sunflowers, who I named Bill & Ben. Sadly Ben died not long after of a black fly infestation! However, Bill soldiered on, and this week has finally flowered! His flower is a bit on the tiny side, but im still very pleased as I thought I wasn't going to get one at all!! Here are some pics of Bill in all his glory!

Hooray! Bill is a bit weedy, but about 6ft 6" . Im really happy, as you can see :D
I dont just grow things, run and bake by the way. I do also do some rock n roll stuff too! Watch this space for some more rockin' blog posts in the next few weeks! Exciting new Dolly Cool project on the cusp....psychobilly gig coming up (The legendery Vince Ray).....and a spanking new tattoo on the way....


  1. Yay Ben!

    I realised where Saki bar is too. On my way to the post office this morning, there it was! Just after the University in Manchester. ;)