Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunny Summer Runs

As well as creating tattoo and cute jewellery and designing things like dismembered hand hairclips (!) I like nothing better on a sunday morning than going for a run nice n' early (im an early bird, not a night owl!). I took these photos with my camera phone while out on the run with my partner, Michael, at local Bolton beauty spot, Entwistle Reservoir.

The spiders webs were all beaded with fine dew drops and looked stunning in the early morning sun

The sun was shining brightly and created this nice effect on the camera. Michael is running ahead in the distance!

The morning sun shining through the trees. I'm really quite pleased with these photos seeing as I only snapped them with my camera phone. Its the first time I have used it as a proper camera, and I cant tell you how long it took me how to fathom out how to download them on the computer when I got home!! :-# !!

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  1. Very impressive exercise regime! I've done nothing since 1st Sept.....which is very bad as I'm now stuffed full of Greek olive oil and baklava!

    Looking forward to tea and toast on Saturday with the girls!