Saturday, 6 February 2010

Dolly Cool is 1!

Hooray! Dolly Cool is one today! I have been officially self employed for a year :)

Its been a great year - there have sometimes been tears and despair (!) but mainly lots of great times, fantastic shows, and I have met some inspirational creative people also making a living from their crafts.
Special thanks goes to all my customers, FUSE crafters, and the ladies from the Made In Manchester creative group, who have given me lots of invaluable advise and inspiration over the past year ♥♥♥

It is challenging, working for yourself, but I absolutely love it and am going to work as hard as I can to make sure the coming year is even better!


  1. Congratulations :)Here's to a successful second year!

  2. *sings*

    "Happy Birthday to You..."

    (repeat to fade)


  3. Happy birthday to you - hope you have some champagne to go with your cake! Here's to many more successful years!
    Angie x