Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Anodised Aluminium

Today I went to my friend Charlotte's house to learn how to anodise aluminium.
Charlotte runs Silvermousey jewellery and uses this technique to create some really stunning effects for her jewellery.
I had a play around with some of my patterns using different colours, and this is what I came up with ....

Two tone violet bracelet with silver stars and red swallows

Some blue toned/silver swallows and stars, which I cut out into circles to make into earrings. These are unfinished so look a little rough round the edges at the moment...

Panels of two tone swallow and stars to make into pendants...or whatever else I can think of!
I had a really fun day - its always great to learn how to expand your creativity!


  1. Hello & happy birthday for yesterday! I wanted to post you last night but my annoying wireless keyboard had run out of batteries!

    Hope you had a good day, see you Sat.

    These look great,


  2. Wow the bangle looks fab!
    Ordered my pattern and print book late last night and it unbelievably arrived today, so have been inspired...yet again!
    So many ideas...So little time x