Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Birthday, Bargains and Seaside!

It's my 32nd birthday today! To celebrate, I went to Southport (Seaside town on the North West coast of England) with my partner, Michael. Southport is lovely, and only 40 mins on a direct train from where we live. We had some nice lunch, had a walk out on the pier, and visited a photography exhibition in the beautiful Wayfarers Arcade.

There is an amazing bookshop in the arcade, that sells period books and magazines. I fell in love with some 1950's home improvement magazines (the adverts were brilliant!) but at £5 each, I decided not to get them and save my money for charity shopping - our main reason for going to Southport!On Lord Street (the main street, has lovely wrought iron canopy over the street) there are about 12 charity shops, so had a great afternoon rooting through. I found a lovely star print prom style dress, western style lumberjack checked Topshop shirt and a fabulous 1960's travel case for jewellery in mint condidtion.

When we got home, I made some chocolate cupcakes (cant have your birthday with no cake!), yum.
One of my fave presents I got today was off Michael, and was the Print and Pattern book, by Bowie Style - author of one of my all time fave blogs, Print & Pattern. It's such a good designers resourse and has some really great inspirational work in it.

Oh, and couldn't have a trip to Southport without marvelling at one of the super Kitsch rock shops on the front...


  1. Happy Birthday! 12 charity shops?? I know where we are going on the next day out :)

  2. A very Happy Birthday to you! What a nice way to spend the day. I love your starry dress and that red travel case is fab! x