Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Charity Shop bargains galore!

Today was a work at home day, and when the weather is good, as it was today, I always try and go out for a walk to get some fresh air.
I luckily live only 5 mins away from a fabulous charity shop on my local high street which I try and visit once a week to see what they have. Sometimes I get nothing, and other days (like today!) I got lots! - This was my haul...Marks & Spencer denim zip up front dress. £2. Looks fab with a black and white stripy top underneath and a red waist belt and shoes.

Stripy Pussy Bow blouse with anchor embroidery, £1.20

Levi 501's turn ups, £1.50 - perfect for summer!

A 60's hand towel with groovy retro pattern, 20p

A 'teach yourself spanish' book, 20p. BARGAIN! We are going to spain for our hols this year and I thought Id brush up on my basics so I can say a few things and read menus!
More on the exciting Spain holiday to come in future posts.....


  1. the anchor top and jeans are super finds! dx.

  2. Nice blouse! Haven't been to the charity shops for ages here - might go tomorrow :)

  3. wow that blouse is ace! and nice towel