Sunday, 28 March 2010

Daylight Saving and New Tattoo Heart Brooches

Today was the first day of Daylight saving in the UK. It was actually a lovely bright day, and first thing I went for a long overdue run with Michael round the fields near my house. My fitness levels have slipped a bit recently, but im really keen to get it back on track now spring has arrived properly. Saying that, just seen the forecast for snow again this week - ugh! - though we had seen the last of that!

This afternoon I had an idea for some new creations to add to my range, inspired by the popularity of my 3D tattoo heart necklaces.
I made some padded felt tattoo heart brooches using my embroidery and sewing machines. I'm rather pleased with the outcome and will be keeping one of the 'Love' ones myself for my black and white polka mac. Here they are....


  1. How did you manage to just have the idea this afternoon and then get these made, photographed and on here by the end of the day?

    Fab BTW!