Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dont you love it when you get post?

I have been out and about today, and so when I arrived home this evening, I was greeted by two parcels. Hooray! How I just love getting post!

This was in one of the parcels - Red and black dice necklace and bracelet set - £1.99 from Ebay.
Absolute bargain = love them :)

And a copy of Pinstriping and Kustom graphics magazine that I have been waiting for! Cant wait to sit in my lovely new egg chair and read it tomorrow with a brew!


  1. Nice mail day, indeed! Love the bracelet/necklace set. Enjoying your find such neat things!

  2. Love the dice necklace Clare.


    That would look great with Boyfriend jeans and a vest top. :)