Saturday, 13 March 2010

FUSE Craft fair

Today I did the FUSE craft fair in Bolton. Its just in a little church hall near my parents house, and its part of the craft group that im part of who organise it. The Bolton Air Cadets joined us and were fantastic at providing endless cups of coffee and helping us all carry our stuff to and from the hall. I also got some fab new things and comissioned an amazing skirt! Here are some photos from the day...

Me sporting all my own designs - well, you have to as sales lady, right?!

My pitch - I got a good spot right near the door :)

I swapped this very cool reversable headband from fellow crafter Jen for a moustache necklace! I love the skull bandana fabric and the day of the day fabris so much, I have comissioned her to make me a reversable circle skirt - yippee!

Hand knitted cupcake brooch attached to birthday card - made by fellow crafter Deb - so cute!
A cactus in a handmade pot, made by fellow crafter Norma
Some home made Stem Ginger cookies that I made to donate to the cafe - they all sold out! (boo!) ha ha
A selection of the scrummy cakes on offer in the cafe. I had a square of lemon drizzle, yum.
Considering it was only a little local fair, I did well so am really pleased - hurrah :)

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