Sunday, 14 March 2010

Retro buys!

Today we went to Southport to pick up the original 1960s egg chair that my partner, Michael won on ebay last week for the bargin price of £34.03!
I was a bit worried it would not fit in the car, but it did and here it is in our bay window. Its in mint condition and we are so happy with it!

On the way home, we spotted a car boot sale in Burscough, so popped in and found these fabulous retro bargain glasses (we collect 50s & 60s glasses) for only 10p each! Just a shame there was only one of each, boo.

This is my fave. An original 50s glass in mint condition with fab atomic style print in white and turquoise. Probably the best 10p I have ever spent!

Original 60s glass. Cool pop orange and red flowers with white leaf print.

And on our way back to the car we spotted this nice bright planter - which is now outside our front door.


  1. LOVE the chair and what a bargain! We went to a car boot today too but it was rubbish - only got a damaged book for turning into gift tags and a teddy each for the girls. Rubbish!

  2. £34!!!!

    That. Is. Insane.
    Good hunting you :)