Monday, 5 April 2010

Another busy day!

To say that i have been working like a DAWG over Easter would be an understatement! I'm kind of getting used to 'plate spinning' as I like to call it - but I'm looking forward to the *hopeful* result of good sales at the Triangle Shopping Centre this week in reward for my grafting!
Today I made a start on an order for a shop I stock, made some items from my weekend website sales, and made some new items for the fair.

Sweetie filled resin shapes - reday for mounting onto pendant bails, ring blanks and brooch pins

Some more of the 3D felt tattoo style hearts, using cool leopard print felt!


  1. How was the Triangle? We went on the Saturday as shoppers but I didn't see you. :(

  2. Thats because its THIS weekend Mrs Magpie! x

  3. Save me a square hundreds and thousands resin ring...will be there either Sat or Sun x

  4. Well then, I'm pretty sure I won;t be there. Tee hee. Although I already knew what I was going to buy from you. Maybe the next Islington Mill thingy Icome to. ;)