Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Charity shop quick stop!

This morning, before starting the days mega jewellery making marathon (Im making an order for a new UK retailer of mine!), I went with Michael to do a spot of Charity shopping somewhere that is close by where we live, but we never seem to go there even though there are about 6 charity shops and some house clearance shops! Madness!
Anyway, we had a drive out and a rummage and Michael got a top for 80p, and I got a fab gingham rockabilly top for 30p!
The house clearance shops were interesting - we spotted an excellent 50s style clock but it had a big crack down the front :( . There was also a vintage 50s style hairdryer - still in box!, but this also had a big crack in it, and you cant be too careful with electrics - so I put it back, Boo, it was cool too- here is pic of the exact one I found on the internet!

We then went in a salvage/antique/junk shop for furniture and saw some lovely retro teak 50s drawers that were only £20, but had just been sold! They had some cool 50's/60's sideboards and wardrobes too but nothing that really caught our eye. We have decided to become more regular visitors to these shops...I have a feeling good potential lies within!!


  1. You have to tell me where this charity shop haven is. I need to know where you can buy tops for 30p and 80p!

  2. Me too. We need this places in our lives! ;)