Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dolly Cool does Roller Derby!

Well, IM not actually skating - although I used to LOVE roller discos when I was about 12!

This weekend I'm trading at the Leeds Roller Dolls v Birmingham Blitz Dames 'Viva Bash Vegas' bout! The gals at LRD asked me if Id like to go along and sell my wares to the roller girls - so how can I refuse? My best selling necklace is the Roller Girl necklace, which I offer a free personalisation service on with colours and name on banner, and Im sure I'll see a few of them on show this weekend. I'll let you know how I get on!


  1. all the best Claire! have a great time. you may see a girl who works/creates under the name of Finest Imaginary there as well! dx.

  2. Ah yes, I know she is doing the bout too. I think she was at the Whitworth when we did it at Xmas! :)

  3. I used to have skates identical to those, with a silver lightning flash on the side....Hope you sell lots x