Monday, 19 April 2010

Too Fast Necklaces

As some of you already may know, I design some accessories and clothing graphics for US Wholesaler, Too Fast. I always get to do really fun designs for them, and they always photograph the stuff so well when it comes in.
I asked permission to share the photos, so here are some of the necklaces that I designed for them on super cool punk circus style models!

Pistols and heart necklace

Skull anchors and cupcake necklace

Dead swallows and heart necklace

My personal fave - Day of The Dead skull and rose necklace. I also have one of each of the above and will be wearing them lots this summer :)


  1. what a fabulous job! your necklace designs are very cool! dx.

  2. oh how funny! An Australian Shop called Disasterpiece sells the anchor/cupcake necklace and I thought it looked like one of your designs (although i personally like your dolly cool necklaces better). Now I know why it reminded me of your necklaces :)