Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Vintage bargain buys

Over the past few days I have been snagging some vintage bargains on Etsy. I do love Etsy! It just has a different vibe to Ebay, and sellers are just that bit nicer and you get more of a personal service. You also get some great bargains too! (Did I mention I love a bargain?!)

Im usually a repro girl to be honest - I love the retro look but in a modern way, and I find that lots of vintage clothes are not really 'me' - or dont fit right. I did find this fabulous dress on Etsy however in my size, a steal at $10. It has a sailor collar and a frill round the bum - AND its spotty - cool!

I also got a bakelite (the collection grows already!) Mah Jong tile bracelet - another steal at $8

and a kitschy vintage pineapple brooch - only $3. This is to go on my hawaiian shirt for Screamin Fest!

The only bummer is having to wait a week or two for them to arrive!!


  1. oh wow! you find such nice things. the pineapple brooch is beautiful!dx.

  2. You did find some treasures! There's nothing better than a successful day of second hand shopping is there!

  3. Deb - Thanks, I cant believe it was only $3! :)
    Ruby - I couldn't agree more! The buzz of the bargain!