Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dolly Cool's got Attitude!

At the weekend I received some exciting post. This was in the form of the Summer 2010 Attitude Clothing which some of my products are featured! Attitude are one of my newest stockists and I was thrilled when they called to let me know that Dolly Cool is selling well for them and they had featured me in their summer catalogue.

I have been designing for the 'Alternative' market for about 4 and half years now (I was the girlswear designer at Underground Shoes for 2.5 yrs, Draven Shoes - freelance work - and at present, Too Fast), and have had products that I have designed in a number of catalogues and magazines before, but this time is all the more pleasing because its my own brand.

I work really hard to make Dolly Cool - its my baby! - and i'm so glad that it had been a success and that i'm slowly getting more and more this space for world domination!! ;)
The things with the BIG PINK STARS round them are mine! :)