Saturday, 1 May 2010

A fine days charity haul!

Today I was up with the lark - finishing a large order for my new wholesale account, UK based mail order alternative company Attitude. All was done and ready to go to the post office at 11- hurrah! - so after that had been sent off I decided to go to a small town not far from where I live called Leigh, to have a rummage in the charity shops as I had not been over that way for a while.

I had a great time scouring the shops.....and this is some of what I found...

A hawaiian print summer dress -£2 - perfect for Screamin' Fest!

A vintage 50s/60s wicker bag - £1 fave find of the day.....

Some original vintage 50s shoes - £1. As you can see from the sole - they have NEVER BEEN WORN! Wow! They are American (size 8.5 - which is a UK 6) and made by 'Miracle Tread'.

This is part of an advert I found online for Miracle Tread shoes - from the Lewiston Daily Sun, 1951.

And here is me wearing the shoes! They are very comfy. I will be careful with them though as they are over 50 years old! I really wonder where they came from, how they ended up never being worn and in a charity shop in a small town in the North of England for just £1!
I also got some other bits and bobs, some jeans and some shirts for Michael. After all that shopping, I went home and my sister Elaine came round for a nice cup of tea and Belgian Bun, yum!

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