Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A good old spring clean!

Today I have been (in the breaks I have been taking from working!) having a good old spring clean. I don't like a sparce lifeless house, and I do have nic nacs and "stuff" around - but you know when you just have a moment when you think Aaarrrghh! TOO MUCH STUFF! Well, thats what happened today.

I started by sorting out my wardrobes - I was being ruthless - and I got 4 large bags of clothes and shoes for the charity shop (2 bags went to Salvation Army, 2 bags went to Breast Cancer Care).

I then had a good sort through my make up bag and bathroom cabinet - and got rid of at least half of it! I am amazed by how many bottles I had with about half a cm in the bottom and perfume bottles with about a squirt left in!  There is more to do, but that was enough for today. I cetainly feel much better for it and can now start on replenishing the stock ;-)

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  1. I need to do that, too. One day. Soon.