Sunday, 16 May 2010

Haworth 1940s weekend

Today, Michael and I went to the Haworth 40s weekend in West Yorkshire. (Haworth is of course famous as the Bronte sisters lived there, and wrote Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights whilst living at the Parsonage.)

I was originally going to wear my vintage sailor dress and vintage shoes - but my feet were hurting from last night so I wore my Freddies high waisted jeans and 40s repro top with some black and white flats. I'm so glad I did because we had to walk a long way - and there were lots of cobbles!

The village is very small and quaint - and VERY busy! It was such a good atmostphere though - the sun was shining and everywhere was decorated with bunting and 40's posters and props. There were lots of people dressed up - everything from full dress coats, hats and furs to GI uniforms, policemen and land girls. We had planned to have a pub lunch - but the pubs were so full - or had ran out of food - so we walked a bit further out of the village and had the most delicious fish and chips sat in the sun - how very British!

Michael had a great time taking lots of photos in black and white. He likes to take observational photos rather than posed, and he got some great shots. Here are some photos from the day....B&W by Michael, Colour by me!
Jeans and 40s repro top: Freddies. Bangles and Earrings - vintage bakelite. Glasses - Vintage 1950's from Dead Mens Spex. Hair in victory rolls - well, it was a 40s event!
Vintage Bus

Shot of the high street - busy and bunting!

This is a great photo! The baby in the pram was a doll though which was a bit creepy!

My fave photo that I took today. Everyone in vintage gear sat outside a nice old pub enjoying summer drinks

One of the houses on the main street. Everyone had made a real effort to make it look authentic

One of the singers - she was doing Vera Lynn and Edith Piaf covers on a balcony above the main street

I think this is my fave photos of Michaels. It just captures the moment and looks like it could be a genuine old photo

I also like this one that Michael took of me walking up the street - you can see my victory rolls :)


  1. Hi hi, looks like you had a fantastic weekend. I just wanted to say thank you very much for the advice you left on my blog. It was very encouraging and helpful!

  2. Wow...looks like you had a fab time and very authentic. Michaels photos are ace, I like the bus x

  3. Thank you for all your nice comments. I love Black and White photos, they just make the photos look extra special :)

  4. I went to Howarth not knowing it was 40s weekend, thought I'd walked onto a film set! Freaked me out, had a fantastic day though :)

  5. Brill pics my friends and i are going this year and soo looking forward to it .............