Monday, 31 May 2010

Screamin' Fest - day One

On the Thursday morning we packed our bags and went on the train to Pineda De Mar for the Screamin' Rockabilly Festival. It only took just over an hour to get there and once we had dumped our bags at the hotel, we were off to the beach bar for drinks and rock n roll in the sun! I was meeting fellow blogger Rascal at the Beach Bar, as I had comissioned her to make me a polka tie top from a vintage 40's pattern that she had, which I had read about on her blog. Photo taken from Rascal's blog...isnt it ace? Very me!

What I expected to be a quick hello while I picked up my top, turned into a really fun afternoon spent drinking Sanria and chatting about our shared interests in crafting, car booting, bargains and retro finds. I didnt get any photos from the afternoon as I had a few too many drinks and forgot! After the Beach Bar, Michael and I went back to the hotel and got ready for our first night at the Screamin main hall for the evening entertainment.
Dress - H&M, bow front flip flops - Some random cheap shop! Necklace - £1 from a charity shop.
This is Lil Mo and The Dynaflows - A Doo Wop group from the states. They were very good, but I was not feeling so great after too many drinks during the day - oops! Lesson learned and not repeated for the rest of the hols! More posts from Screamin' tomorrow :)


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