Sunday, 2 May 2010

Worth getting up for!

Today I was up with the lark - yet again - 7.30am this morning to go car booting with Michael. The first check is always out the window to see what the weather is like, and I was greeted with bright sunshine - perfect!
We managed to go to 3 car boot sales in 2.5 hours! And they were totally worth getting up for and we got lots of retro goodies! The haul included....
60s wooden lamp base - £1 (we already had the shade)

50s atomic wine glasses, 10p each. Fabulous!

A set of 3 60's drinking glasses, 10p each. Rare to find three matching glasses! We only ever seem to find singles so I was really pleased with these :)

60s drinking glass - 20p. Sadly only a single!

60s Midwinter 'Sienna' bowls - £1 the pair.
Red polka bandana - 20p

Eiffel tower print playsuit - £1. Came with matching fabric belt, but I will be wearing my red waist belt with it!
What a great weekend of retro finds. Just have to wash it and find a home for it all now!


  1. what beauitful finds! they will all love living in your house! the eiffel tower playsuit is my fav of the bunch.dx.

  2. those are some nice finds. :) I like the 60s lamp (both the shade and the base.)and the set of the three matching glasses, but all of the things were nice, and at very good prices.

  3. Just found your blog and I think it's a good one :). That playsuit is looking really cool!