Sunday, 20 June 2010

Busy saturday and a new stockist!

I had a busy weekend! My entire life pretty much revolves around my business - but thats not a bad thing when you love what you do :). I was up early and out into Manchester for the monthly Etsy team meet. This is a group of ladies who all sell on Etsy or have their own creative businesses, and we meet up to discuss ideas, share supplier info, good websites etc. - and also have a cup of tea, cake and a good chat too. This is what I wore:
My entire outfit (apart from my shoes) is vintage. I'm wearing the top I got earlier on in the week from the charity shop, and the 60's skirt and necklace I bought at the car boot last week. I went for quite a smart look as I was going for a meeting with a shop owner after my Etsy team meet, to discuss them stocking Dolly Cool in their shop. The meeting went well (more coffee and a teacake!) and we agreed a list of products that they will be stocking. This is going to be some of my cast resin pieces and 3D hearts...
3D 'LOVE' heart necklace

3D 'LOVE' felt pin
100's and 1000's ring
Creative Pin


  1. You looked wonderfully vintage

  2. Gingeyginge - Thank you! I dont wear lots of vintage clothes ( I prefer repro as I often dont like the patterns on vintage stuff) - but I love gingham so this was perfect :)