Monday, 28 June 2010

Even more bargains!

I completed my 3 day 'thrifting binge' today! Michael had a day off so we were up and out early again today and went round lots of house clearance and junk shops, as I'm looking for a keyhole vanity dresser for our room. I want it to be 50s or 60s, and it has to be a keyhole (one with a space in the centre) for a chair, as this will double as my sewing table. I didn't find one today - boo hoo - but the man at the local house clearance unit has my number and a description of what I want...I'll keep you posted!
We also went into some charity shops, and I got some more goodies - of course! Heres what I found today....

Retro style genuine Fendi sunglasses - £1.50! I was really pleased when I found these. They were in a rummage basket of sunglasses. Obviously worth a lot more than what I paid for them, but I'm not bothered about that. They look cool on - quite steampunk! You cant see from the photo but the white frames and arms are actually sparkly :) 
60's drinking glasses - 50p for both. More to add to the ever growing collection!
Gingham blouse - £1.50. This has a rik rak trim, black star shaped buttons and a frill down the front.
And a close up
80's bag with polka trim - 50p. This is ace! I think I am going to keep this for me :)
Ah, this is why I love thrifting so much! I have been on a 3 day 'shopping spree' and barely spent £10! I am *almost* gutted that I can't go car booting this coming weekend as I am visiting a friend in London. I am looking forward to that though as we are going to watch The Jets at the Ace Cafe on Saturday night, and then on to a cheesy rock club afterwards. Can't wait! In my youth I used to go to rock clubs 3 nights a week. I don't miss being 19, but I do sometimes miss the rock nights so I shall get my fix this weekend.


  1. I can't understand how you constantly can do such bargains, myself I suck on flea markets... The sunglasses are so cool, I would look stupid in them (not very many sunglasses look good on me), but I would have gotten them, too, if it was me who had found them :)
    And I've got the same thing with rock clubs, I think actually it's even more fun nowadays when I go so seldom...

  2. The sunglasses reminds me this photo :)

  3. Ina - Yes I do like the glasses - but they will have to be worn when I'm 'done up' otherwise I look like a 'mad scientist' - according to the BF!! :)
    GinCherry -Hey thanks for the Link - they really do dont they?!