Friday, 25 June 2010

Feeling Fruity!

When I started Dolly Cool, I did it with the ethos that I wanted to make cool, retro, rockabilly inspired jewellery that someone like me could afford. I like to keep my pricing realistic -  I hand draw/hand make each piece, and its how I make my living so I certainly dont want to give things away - but I really dont want my stuff to be expensive and out of reach for people.
Bearing this in mind, I'm always window shopping the vintage fruit necklaces on auction sites and I love them, but they are always are so expensive - especially the bakelite cherry ones, so I decided to have a
go making some. Firstly, the real deal... These were both on antique websites....

And my version below....
And the bakelite cherry necklaces - I have seen some of these for sale for upwards of $250 on American
antique sites and auction websites.... 

Drool drool - so amazing.....however I dont think I did too bad of a replica job....see below me modelling my new creation.....

I love my new necklaces and they will be going up for sale at some upcoming shows that I'm doing in the next few months :)


  1. oooh great job..i want them now,lol

  2. I love the cherry necklace. Will you have them for sale somewhere in the net so I can get one?

  3. La Dama - Thanks, glad you like!
    Mrs Munster - I will do yes. I will let you know when I have made some to sell :)

  4. Gosh they are amazing, haven't seen anything like them before. Love the cherry one you are wearing.

  5. I love these! Can't wait for them to be available!!

  6. wow these are amazing, great job :D