Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A few wednesday bargains!

I popped into town this morning as I needed to get my dad a present for Father's day this sunday. I of course could not resist going into a few of the charity shops - and got some brillinat bargains in the last one I went in.
These things were on the clearance rail - believe it or not! They were the nicest things in there too, so im not complaining!
Retro style sun top - 50p
Shaped corset style top - 50p
1960's drinking glass - 20p.
So not at all bad for £1.20 (about $1.80) eh? I did remember to get the present for my dad too!


  1. cute tops and great always seem to find everything in red. ;)

  2. At least one can not blame you for putting too much money on second hand :)

  3. Ohhh, the Galaxy type top is to die for! Love it.
    The drinking glasses are really cool!

    Too bad you're not going to the Rave, would be nice with some genuine people around.
    I'm rebelling this time, all my nails are gonna be turquoise instead of red. :))

  4. So many bargains! I especially adore the little glass. :)