Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flamingo bed!

A few years ago I bought an 80's deadstock duvet cover from a car boot sale for 50p. I loved the super kitsch pink flamingo print, but the only problem was that the cover was a Super King Size (i.e HUGE!), and we have a double. I know all I needed to do was cut an 'L' shape off the cover and sew it but it took me *ahem* two years to do it!! I finally got round to it yesterday and it took me in total half an hour! Oh well, better late than never!  Here it is.....
And a close up of the fabric...
And yes, that is a Hello Kitty alarm clock in photo 1. Im a bit of  a fan :)


  1. I somehow recognize the situation. I have this skirt from where the button fell off when I sneezed. It's half year ago, it's one simple little button in the lining and it's a skirt I use very often, but of some reason I'm still fastening the skirt with a darn safety pin...
    A really cool cover, btw!

  2. Thats cute! Im in the opposite situation. Ive been looking for a cute king size bedspread that me and the hubs can both live with.

  3. Ina - Im sooooo the same! The simple jobs get left and left...I have a few items with safety pins on too :)
    Atomic Mama - I'm lucky that my partner is secure with his masculinity - we also have a pink hello kitty shower curtain!!!
    Rascal - Thanks hon :)

  4. I LOVE that bedding! We have to have a kingsize duvet cos my OH hogs the duvet so much, we only have a double bed!

  5. im searching high and low for a simple but adorable flamingo bedding for my daughter. I was so excited when this picture came up in my google search! you fooled me, but I do love your bedding. wish I could find something similar.