Sunday, 20 June 2010

I'm a Pifco princess!

Today was perfect car booting weather! The sun was blazing at 7.30am - and so Michael and I were up, off and out early to get some bargains.  I managed to get quite a few really good condition vintage bags (mainly 60's) to re-vamp for my new Dolly Cool project, and we got some books and a new planter for the garden. THEN I found a lady selling a brand new, never used, deadstock 1958 Pifco 'Princess Ensemble' Hairdryer set. I was soooooo excited when I saw it!!! I had seen one of these dryers for sale in a house clearance shop a few months ago, but it was dirty and cracked so I didn't get it. I live in a small house and we just don't have room for lots of clutter (as in, stuff for display, rather than use).
It wasnt just the dryer either - it was the full BOXED set.....
Its just so fancy for a hairdryer! The boxes, although obviously aged are still quite impressive. The bottoms of the boxes are red, and the tops are pink with gold embossed scroll.
One box contains the dryer, another box has the stand, and the third box has the drying hood, hose and comb attachment. All are mint condition and still have all original tags and seals. There was a diagram sheet in
with the hood showing how to use it...
This of course, inspired a comedy photo opportunity....
I'm sat at my 60's kitchen table modelling the Pifco drying hood. Don't I look glamourous?!!
The lady wanted £10 for the set, but I offered £8 which she accepted. She told me she was really happy that I was buying it as I looked like someone who would appreciate it. Which of course I do! Its on its stand in my room ready for use tomorrow :)


  1. you sure are..lucky girl..cute your table.I inherited one from husband's nana.:)

  2. That is so cool! Do you dare to use it for reals, too (I'm always afraid of old electricity stuff)?

  3. Thanks Ladies! Ina - yes I have used it already! I was a bit scared at first...but it works perfectly :) I figure that it is fused anyway so it will blow the fuse before anything else?!

  4. Great find!! I remember my mum had one of these that I use to use :)

  5. I used to use one of those at my mum's (and I think she got it secondhand). In fact I bet its still there as she was still using it when I moved out and not much gets thrown away there.
    Her's wasn't as complete and fancy as yours though.

    Also came over to say thanks for the comment you left on my last post. It was appreciated!

  6. HILARIOUS! this is the first read of your blog I've had in ages and this is comedy gold!

    looking fwd to a catch up soon