Tuesday, 15 June 2010

In touch with my inner housewife....

Today, I have been making a big wholesale order for Dolly Cool, but decided to take some time out this afternoon to get in touch with my inner housewife and bake some bread! This was inspired by the May issue of Milkcow Magazine ('The complete UK 1940's and 1950's lifestyle and culture magazine'). They always do a feature on wartime recipes, and they had a recipe for a ' Very easy country loaf', so I decided to give it a try!
In my Dolly Cool swallow apron :)
The hard part - Kneading the dough! You only do this one for 5 mins thankfully as its a workout in itself!
Kneaded bread before rising....
And one hour later - its doubled in size!
Ta Da! The finished result. I have just had a slice with some unsalted butter on, scrummy!


  1. You're looking fab and the bread delicious. I just don't have the patience to bake, especially bread. Or maybe it's just in my head that it's really complicated :)

  2. I cheat and use a breadmaker but the darn thing is on every day as we eat that much bread in this house.
    Well done for producing a perfect loaf by hand. I'm rubbish at kneading and mine never turn out half as good when I try to do it by hand.