Friday, 11 June 2010

New Dolly Cool Love/Hate Tattoo patches

I have been meaning to get some new embroidery designs done for a while (I have a Janome embroidery machine), so I finally got myself in gear yesterday and drew out some of my best selling Love/Hate tattoo hearts to be made into embroidery files. Today I sewed out the designs using a bright cherry red - and I'm thrilled with the results! Here are a finished set of the patches...
I am going to put these onto some vintage bags I have been collecting (to sell on Ebay and at shows that I'm doing), and also on this...
Well, I had to make a cardigan for myself first, right?!


  1. Yes, perfect on cardigans. I've never seen anyone using an embroidery machine, is it hard?

  2. Its not hard at all, you basically transfer the designs from your computer via a USB stick to the machine and switch it on! The machine was expensive though....

  3. Wow, I had no idea... I somehow thought it would demand loads of blood, sweat and tears :)