Wednesday, 23 June 2010

New (old!) earrings!

You know when you buy something online, and then er, forget about it?! Well, this is what I did with some vintage earrings I bought off Etsy last month. I bought them about 5 weeks ago, just before I went on holiday - and then forgot that I had bought them until they arrived this morning :)
Sometimes things from the States take only 4 days to get here - but these took over a month. They were of course a complete bargain - I got 5 pairs of screwback earrings for just $5, and $2 shipping. 3 of the pairs were hideous - and have been resigned to the charity bag - but I bought them for the following two pairs - still a complete steal at $2.50/pair:
Carved bakelite
Pearly domes with shooting stars!
I'm very happy with my 'forgotton' purchases! Now to scrub and clean so I can wear them :)


  1. gorgeous earrings..the first ones remind me of chocolate, the pearls and stars.