Saturday, 5 June 2010

Saturday bargains!

Today I got up early, and got ready to meet my mum in town for some charity shopping and lunch. There are about 14 charity shops all near to each other in my local town so its great for a good old rummage!
This is what I wore for my shopping trip:
Gingham peasant top - Charity shop
High wasited denim skirt - Primark
50s glasses - Dead Mens Spex
Vintage bag - charity shop & customised with Dolly Cool patches
Red patent bow shoes - Blowfish
Plastic cherry necklace and earrings - Dolly Cool

And so on to the shops! I didnt get all that much in the charity shops, but what I did get was great...
Anchor print top with ruffle sailor collar - £2 (about $3)
 Stack of 8 vintage bangles - £1.50 the set (about $2).
Now I picked these out of the glass display cabinet because I liked the colours. It was only on closer inspection that they are all marked with the raised inscription 'KETTY DALSGAARD - DENMARK - B+D' . When I got home, I did some internet research and found out that she was actually a jewellery designer in the 70's and that these bangles are made from hard nylon - and are quite collectable! Single bangles sell for about £15 EACH, so I think I got a real steal here :)

After we had finished charity shopping and had some lunch, we headed for a quick look in Primark - the mecca of cheap throwaway fashion. I dont tend to shop here much any more, but sometimes they do really cute accessories for very low prices..and today I got just that!
Red heart hairband - £1
 Red and black bow shaped hair clip set - £1
Red heart ring and earring set - £1
And finally, some red plimsoles - more red shoes for my collection and only £2


  1. great finds and congrats on the lovely bracelets..dont you just love primark?

  2. i love red shoes too. red anything really. you are too cute miss dolly!

  3. La Dama - I think Primark is good for a few bits - but I hate their 'world domination' effect, so I try and not shop there too often. They do still have some great pieces though for the occassional bargain treat!
    Atomic Mama - Red rules! Its always been my fave colour since being a kid. You just cant have a bad day in shiny red shoes :)

  4. Congrats for the bangles! And the red shoes I really really like.

  5. Hello Clare,

    I'm writing to you from france.
    Will you be ready to sell me the red heart ring because I've bought one with the earing set in Primark during my last trip in Manchester and I have broken it. The same ring was available on ebay but I came to late to buy it and i don't find one anymore. Please contact me by e-mail at