Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saturday car booty!

Hooray! We finally found a Saturday car boot to go to thanks to a work friend of Michael, who gave us the tip. Its a car boot/flea market/antique market that is held every saturday throughout the year in somewhere called Earlestown. Its not too far from where we live, but I had never heard of this place so was pleasantly suprised to find a great new market site to have a rummage round.
There were a real range of goods from house clearance type stuff piled high, to proper antiques dealers and individuals with typical 'car boot' type things. I saw a lovely vintage silver coloured metal anchor brooch that had 'forget me not' spelled out in the rope - but it was on a dealers stall and at £12, too expensive for cheapskate me! Instead I got the following...
60's day dress - £1
And a close up. I dont often buy vintage clothes, as I'm not so keen on the colours and patterns - but this has a cute little red leaf repeat print, red buttons and a pussy bow at the neck, along with a matching belt. Its really nice! I havent tried it on yet (must be washed first!) but I know it will fit, and I have other dresses of similar style so I know that the cut will work for me. I also got this cropped jacket;
Its dark navy with little white stars all over. I love the cut of the jacket and it fits perfectly. And only £2!
And last but not least, some vintage bags for my revamping project :) I actually got 9 bags today!


  1. I love finding new places like that, we used to go all the time and never do now, much do some local research again!

  2. Awesome finds. The cropped jacket is really pretty. I haven't been for a car boot for ages. Just quite disappointing ones around here. Just rubbish and not pretty vintage items (for a reasonable price!)

  3. that day dress is divine..oh and wow so many vintage cute purses..nice finds
    oh btw here is a link I use for finding new car boot sales also sunday newspaper has all the local boot sales too.