Thursday, 3 June 2010

Screamin' Fest - day Four

Day four of Screamin' was the pool party. The pool was quite small, and rather packed, but Michael and I found a good spot in the sun and Rascal and her boyfriend joined us shortly after to enjoy the afternoon.
I'm wearing my Alexander Henry reversable circle skirt -skull bandana side - and another one of those black corsarge vests from Topshop (I have a few - great basics!). Im also wearing my new bangles I got at the car show and my own Dolly Cool necklace and earrings. Rascal is wearing a lovely vintage embroidered bathing suit and her new red coral necklace.
And here is our view of the pool .No-one in the pool, probably didnt want to ruin their vintage bathing outfits!
We had an early start next day to get our flight home, so again, we missed out on the evening entertainmemt and had an early night (I know, how boring!) In my defence, the venues were quite a walk from the hotel and the evening venue was a big marquee that you could smoke in, so it was like a fog after an hour, yuk. I much preferred the day events sat outside in the sun listening to the music and people watching!
On our way back to the hotel, Michael went into a newsagent to get a paper. I had a look at the magazines and could not believe how good the freebies were on the front!! Not just a crappy free plastic make up bag or sachet of body lotion like you get in England, but proper goodies! I of course indulged! So, I bought a Spanish Vogue (useless, as I couldnt read it - but I did look at the pictures!) and for only €3.50 (about £3.20 or $5), I got the magazine, a pair of raffia flip flops - trimmed with red binding, lovely and comfy and match my raffia heart bag perfectly, a sample bottle of the new Versace 'Versus' perfume, which is actually really nice, AND the best bit - a Bretton top! Most giveaway tops with mags are rubbish, thin, polyester things, but this is nice quality, 100% cotton, 3/4 length sleeves and my size! Woo! Was very happy...
I wore it on my first day back in (sunny!) England with dark denim capris, red vintage bead necklace and a red twinset cardi.Ooh la la :)

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