Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Screamin' Fest - day Three - PART ONE!

Day three was Car Show day! Now I was expecting a big show with lots of cars, and a great band. It was considerably smaller than that - only about 8 cars! - but the band were great and there were a few impromptu sellers who had brought suitcases and sheets and were fast to get their vintage wares out for a quick bit of selling! Not that I'm complaining - I of course had a good old rummage! I didn't find any clothes that were of interest or my size but I did find these cool atomic bangles....

I'm not brilliant at dating things, but they feel and look like lucite but I'm not sure of how old they are. They have a good weight to them, and I bought them from a French lady who was selling a lot of bakelite and lucite pieces, so I presume they have some age to them. I'm not bothered if they dont really, they were only €4 (about £3.70/$5.50) for the pair - and I love them so thats all that matters!
The band that were playing that day on the outdoor stage were The Slap Backs from Austria. They were really good - probably my fave from the bands I saw. The singer had a great Elvis-y voice! Here are a few pics of the band that Michael took - great shots that look even better in Black & White;
And here is a shot of the crowd watching the band. I love people watching and looking at everyones hair and outfits. Rockabilly people watching is the best for that!
and here is what I wore for the car show....
Black vest with corsarge, Topshop. Heart shaped raffia bag with red trim, Urban Outfitters. And my fabulous custom made reversable circle skirt - on the Day of The Dead side! I'm going to put the car photos up tomorrow as there are quite a few pics :)

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  1. Oh my !!! this is me who sells you the 2 atomic bangles !! ah ah ah incredible !!!

    Did you go to the high Rockabilly fest in september ?