Thursday, 3 June 2010

Screamin' Fest - day Three - PART TWO!

So...and now on to the cars! I do like American 50s cars, cool shapes, colours - they just look so much nicer than today's vehicles! (My fave are 50's Chevvy Bel Airs - the red and cream trim types with matching inetrior...or red glitter vinyl interior...mmmm...I digress!).
It was a bit disappointing that there were only about 8 cars at the 'car show' - I was expecting many more..but they were nice, and I got some nice pictures so here they are....some of them are a bit cropped or cut off as it was really busy around the cars and I dont like people in my car shots!
I like a nice bit of pinstriping...
After the car show we went back to the hotel and got ready for the evening entertainment. I was really tired, and couldn't be bothered putting a dress on so I put my new hawaiian shirt and 501's on, and we went to a 
local bar.
While sat outside, we saw Rascal and her boyfriend walking down to the evening venue, and they stopped with us for a chat, which turned into another sangria drinking evening, and we never made it to the evening venue..Oops! Nick Curran played that night too and we missed him. Apparantly he was excellent. He actually stayed in my hotel and we saw him at hotel computers the next day checking his facebook!!


  1. Those cars are bloody great!

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