Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Screamin' Fest - day Two

So Friday was Hawaiian Beach Party day at Screamin'! I donned my fabulous Criminal Damage 'lets get shipwreaked' hawaiian dress and headed down to the beach to chill out on the sand and have a few cans (of 7up!!) while listening to some loud rock n roll - bliss! Heres me sat enjoying the band..
And here is the view a little while later of the beach bar in full swing...
After the beach party had finished, Michael and I headed on into nearby Callela for a look round the shops. It was the usual holiday resort fayre of souvinier shops, cafes and bars - and upon wandering into one of the tacky souvinier shops, and amongst the flamenco dolls, plastic bullfighters and Gaudi style mosiacs I found a hawaiian bargain rail......heres what I got...
Hawaiian slip dress - €3 - yes only €3! Thats about £2.80 or $4
                                          Hawaiian shirt - €2!! (£1.80/$2.80)
                                          Hawaiian Sarong - €2 (£1.80/$2.80)
And not hawaiian but still very cool...a pink '50s car' print slip dress with atomic swirls - €3 (£2.80/$4)
I have no idea why they were selling them so cheap - but I'm certainly not complaining! Oh I do like a good bargain! And to finish off, Michael and I sat on a nice bench in the shade and watched the world go by....you wont see Michael often on this blog - he prefers to be behind the camera - but I like this photo of us in hawaiian get up!


  1. Your dress is beautiful and the slip dress with cars: I'd love something like that!

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