Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday bargains and some gardening

Today Michael and I got up early and went to our usual sunday car boot. Always on the look out for some retro goodies of course, but today we went specifically to get bedding plants for our garden.
Firstly, the retro goodies - only 2 today, but Im so happy with them:
A 60's plastic pineapple jug - £1 (about $1.50) ...eeeeeee! So excited when I saw this! It was FILTHY, so i scrubbed and scrubbed when I got it home and it has come up really nice. It is in excellent condition too :)

50's drinking glass - FREE! The man we got this from looked so fed up he said we could have it as he just wanted to go home! Ok then!
And so on to the garden... We got our entire back garden bedding plants, a new shrub and compost for £16. Bargain! Most of the trays of plants were only £1, which is such good value. In the garden centre they can be £3-4 per tray. I also like the fact that the plants are all grown by normal people at home from seed rather than mass produced greenhouse growing. Here is a before pic....
Lots of dead leaves, empty pots - a sad garden!
And after! We also planted up our new planter - made from a vintage woodern cistern box. We got this free from a scrapyard. They date from around Victorian times and were lead lined and fixed above toilets in more affulent homes. The lead had obviously been removed by the scrapyard,  just leaving the box. We triple varnished the box and lined with heavy duty polythene before planting is a close up..
I love it! I always like to be resourceful and give old things a new lease of life :)


  1. Pineapple jug super cute! and a free glass you wouldve bought anyway?! dont you love those kind of days?

  2. Well doen on your garden it looks so much more colourful .
    I've seen that pineapple jug before somewhere but never realised what it was for LOL.

  3. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  4. Atomic Mama - A freebie, especially a cool vintage freebie, always makes my day :)

    Sharie - Thanks! I do like to make the garden look nice.I see you are a fellow car booter too, so I will be looking forward to seeing your posts :)