Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday car booty

Michael and I went to our usualy Sunday car boot this morning nice and early. We made sure to put some sun cream on as the field the car boot is held in is sunken - so there is no breeze, and it was already roasting at 8.30am! There were lots more sellers than usual because of the good weather and it took us a good 2.5 hrs to get round it all. This is todays haul.....
Find of the day....3 copies of 'The Practical Householder' from 1957 and 1958. 10p each! The adverts in these are brilliant. I will scan a few in a post sometime soon!
Swirly lucite bangle - 20p
Red spotty fitted corset style top with sweetheart neckline - 50p
Gingham dress - £1
Grey polka dot tea dress - 50p
So, not a bad days shop and only £2.50 spent :)


  1. The grey polka dot dress is pretty and surely if that bracelet is a Swirly one shouldn't it be mine??? :)

  2. was hot very hot today..oh cant wait for the magazines post..see you found a swirly bangle thats a steal...cute dresses.

  3. Great finds! Loving the red polkadot top.

  4. The tea dress is too cute!

  5. yikes... the tea dress is super cool and cute.