Sunday, 13 June 2010

Today's car booty and revamped vintage bags!

We headed to our usual car boot this morning, but as it was a little overcast it was a lot quieter than usual - and slim pickings! I only managed to spend £1.50!
1960's mint green pyrex cooking dish, £1. The photo does not do this justice - it really is a lovely colour!
And a 1960's plastic necklace, 50p.

When we got home, Michael settled down to watch the world cup and I got busy crafting in the kitchen, and revamped some vintage bags I picked up last week. I'm going to be selling these on Ebay and at upcoming shows that I'm doing. I like the idea of revamped bags - as its giving something old a new life and saving it from landfill -thus doing my bit for the environment :). I also like the fact that each one I revamp is different and unique. I have 13 bags so are a couple I have done today....
Leather swallow clutch
Love/Hate shoulder strap bag


  1. ooooh lovely green..I been looking for a pyrex dish... cute necklace love the red bags...send me your link to your ebay.

  2. love the necklace! Well done for revamping your bags, hope you do well selling them on as they are lovely and very individual

  3. That's really cool.
    I always feel better when I manage to revamp instead of throwing away.

  4. La Dama - Glad you like the bags :) My ebay link is*cool/

    Sharie - Thanks for your nice comments on my bags :) I made one for myself a few weeks ago and have had lots of compliments on it, so I thought I'd try some for sale and see how I get on!

    Rascal - Thanks :) Revamping is the new, new!