Friday, 18 June 2010

Too fast new designs

So, as some of you may already know - as well as designing/making my own line Dolly Cool, I also do some freelance graphic design work - and one of the companies I work with is US brand Too Fast. I'm posting about them today as one of the necklaces that I designed for them is on the front page of their website!
My design is the eyeball and bat wing necklace to the left!
 I did some graphics for them a while back, and they have put them on some tops and hot shorts. All photos are taken from the Too Fast website and used with permission :) I always like the models Too Fast use. They always have a real mixture of punky, rockabilly and regular girls for the shots who are actually a 'real' size - not stick thin!
Skelebirds corset
Sailor swallows top
Zombie swallows top
Cherry bow top
Bite Me hotshorts!
I have recently done some cool all over prints for them that I'm really happy with, but I can't show you yet until they have used the prints and they are online for copyright reasons. I shall share in due course!


  1. I love those "bite Me" shorts. I wish I would have the legs to wear them!

  2. A really cool version of the flying eyeball! And you're right about the models. Clothes worn by models in "real" sizes appeal much more to me. I've noticed that I hardly recognize clothes worn by the "normal" (thin) models anymore, probably since I'm nowadays shopping so much online that I want to see how the clothes really look like on a "real" person or then not at a person at all.