Tuesday, 29 June 2010

You can keep your CGI

I was inspired to do this post after reading Mrs Munsters blog about her love for Cry Baby. I am someone who hardly ever goes to the cinema (maybe once a year, if that!). I am just not overly impressed by fancy special effects, I hate CGI animation - ugh - The people always look rubbish and the big blockbuster films are just a bit fancy pants for me. I am an 80's film lover. In my opinion, you just can't beat a crappy low budget films about American high school, proms and dancing. Yes John Hughes (R.I.P), I am talking about you! And the soundtracks are all excellent too.
Here are my fave films of all time.....if you havent seen any of them (er, where have you been?!) -  I would highly recommend them :)
This wins the top spot! Offbeat poor girl Andi falls for rich jock Blaine. Throw in class divide teen angst, a
rockabilly lovesick friend and a prom = 80s cheese perfection. 
A very close second! I have seen this film soooooo many times. Geeky Baby falls for super hot bad guy Johnny at a holiday park. She saves the day by learning how to dance. The soundtrack is amazing, full of 50s gems.

Another John Huges spectacular. 5 high school kids from all walks of life have a detention together. Thats
basically it, but it is movie gold (in my eyes!) 
Another film I have seen a squillion times. How exciting is it when Marty arrives in 1955? I would
have trashed the Deloreon and stayed there. 
A very young Sarah Jessica Parker before she discovered a stylist! Geeky girl meets hunky boy and enters a contest to dance on TV. Her dad is a super strict Army Sergent and tries to stop her....cue lots of sneaking
about, cheesy music and OTT 80s dancing.
Yet another John Hughes classic! Two complete nerds hook up a Barbie doll to their (very old) 80s computer and make her come alive Frankenstein style. Amazingly bad!
And last, but not least - Mannequin. A window dresser falls in love with a shop Mannequin who comes alive when no one else is around.
Ah, they just dont make them like they used to....


  1. Only one I've not seen/don't own is Pretty in Pink if its number one of that list ill have to watch it now! Great films!

  2. Have to add to the list also Sixteen Candles one of my all time John Hughes favourites.

  3. Love all of these. I have the "Orbital Bebop" song from Girls Just Want to Have fun on my mp3 player. Great choices.