Sunday, 11 July 2010

Car Boot Sunday!

Today was a car boot sunday with a difference, as we actually did the car boot today, rather than just shopping at it! Had to get up at 5am - ugh - and had spent all week digging all our old crap out of boxes, under the stairs etc etc. Its amazing how much stuff we found! Got to our pitch about 6.20am and set up. The 'vultures' were on us straight away. I hate these people. You have barely turned your engine off and they are peering in your car and asking if you have any mobile phones, gold or silver! We didn't!
Anyhoo, we had a good day, got rid of loads of stuff we didn't want, and made a tidy profit - which we are going to spend on our garden :) Of course, I also had time to have a scout round, and got the following few bits...
60s teak antelope - 50p
Vintage drinking glass - 10p (only one as per usual!)
And best find of the day - some more Clarks! (I am turning into an old lady! Two pairs of Clarks in a week!) These were brand new in the box and only £3. Super comfy - yay!


  1. cute the teak antelope..and the clarks are so hard to find.lucky mama..atleast you got rid your stuff.

  2. I've been thinking to go to sell my old crap (well, actually I don't have crap. Just too much neat stuff that I don't need & have place to store) in car boot. Then again, car boots here don't really have "my kind" of stuff for sale ever, so I doubt my "crap" is not going to go very well.

  3. I love the glass, would love to find something so nice at a car boot! Even if it's only 1