Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day Tripper

Today, Michael had a day off, so we set out early and went to two of our favourite places to visit; Clitheroe and Towneley Hall. Clitheroe is an old market town in the north of England, and is very quaint with old buildings, a castle, market and art galleries. They had lots of bunting up today - I love bunting - so I got this shot of the high street:
We had a delicious pub lunch and then stopped off to buy home made cakes (Bakewell Tarts - one of
my faves!)  from a old fashioned family bakery.
Bakewell Tarts for non UK readers are shortcrust pastry shells, with jam (jelly) at the bottom, and almond sponge cake on the top, all baked together....mmmmmm.
Then we went to Towneley Hall. This is a Stately home that is set in acres of beautiful ground that you can
walk around.
This is the main hall. It really is a lovely building inside and out.
One of the pathways through the ground. The grounds really are stunning. Great to go during the week too
when no-one else is there! Lots of wildlife too.
And this is what I wore today. I bought this vintage day dress yesterday morning from my local charity shop for £2.99. I washed it straight away so I could wear it for our trip today! It is super comfy and I love it! I teamed it with my 60's beads, anchor brooch and my Clarks - that now officially never leave my feet!!


  1. The parks in UK must be the most beautiful parks..
    And that dress is a bargain! And so summerfresh! I like.

  2. what a lovely day out, I could do with one of them soon! I love visiting stately homes too!

  3. Even though I live closer than you to both of those places I have never been to either! Have played in the park at Townley Hall but never been in!

  4. Haven't been to Clitheroe for ages and ages, I used to like visiting the market with my parents.
    Like your outfit!

  5. Wow wow wee, just paid a visit to, and I'm totally in love with it! I can't wait to move over to the UK and I'll go crazy buying cute stuff! Is it okay if I link you on my new blog?

    miss K

  6. I will try to be a good blog girl, I just made the blog last night.. my first one in English, so I'll just go ahead and excuse my language right now, hehe. Stay tuned and thanks for following :)

  7. What a pretty dress! Looks like you had a nice day out.

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