Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Great British Puddings!

This is a complete random post, but the thing I love about reading blogs is that you get to have an insight into what others around the world are doing, seeing, collecting, stuff they have in their homes and eating!
I thought I would do a post on some of the fabulous cakes and desserts that we have in the UK.
One of my great loves is cake... so much so that I have one tattooed on my stomach..
The UK is the home of stodgy carb loaded puddings -Atkins devotees stop reading now- but I just love them all, as its what I was brought up with. As a kid, you would often get the following as a dessert after
your lunch at school....
Bread and Butter Pudding. You use up day old bread, mix together egg with cinnamon and currants and then
bake in the oven....yummy. Even better with custard!
Jam Roly-Poly and custard. A suet base dough filled with Jam (Jelly for US readers) and rolled up and
baked. Served hot with custard.....
Spotted Dick and Custard. A suet sponge cake with currants and spices....yes, once again served with custard!
I dont think you get stuff like this in schools anymore. They are all on a health kick (rightly so!) and the kids now probably get a piece of fruit instead. I'm glad I got the puddings!
Some other of my fave UK cake products include....
Bakewell Tarts. I mentioned these a few weeks ago.....mmmmm....pastry shell filled with jam, almond flavor
sponge cake and topped with icing and a cherry on top :)
Fondant Fancies. Little sponge cakes with flavoured icing and a blob of buttercream inside. AND they
look pretty!
Battenberg. Pink and yellow squares of sponge, wrapped in marzipan. Looks and takes scrummy!
And finally...not a dessert as such, but these are the best biscuits ever! Party Rings. Created by Fox's biscuits in 1983 - which you can tell by the colours!  They are super crunchy and look soooooo pretty.
I am now salivating and want a pudding! I don't have them all that much anymore as I am a pretty healthy eater, and I go running too, but they are a must as a special treat!


  1. Thanks alot! Now Im hungry for somethin sweet.

  2. I knew I shouldn't have carried on reading - hungry now!

  3. MMMmmmm now my tummy is growling :P I love anything with gooey frosting and the sad part is, the only thing I've had here in the states is bread pudding although it looked slightly different. In the US, they use cinnamon and custard to adhere the bread into a pudding then top with bourbon and caramel sauce. Delish! I made it for Christmas dessert last year and I think everyone gained a few pounds.

  4. Despite my love for doughnuts, I'm not much of a cake or biscuit fan. Hot desserts I just cannot stand. I've lived in UK for 7 years and from the puddings mentioned above, I've only tried bread & butter pudding! That was good but I think only because of generous dash of Baileys in it :)

  5. ginger sponge cake, chocolate sponge cake, treacle sponge cake, apple pie, apple crumble, rhubarb crumble all school pudding favourites topped off with aye...CUSTARD! mmm. dx.

  6. ha ha ha that made me laugh, I don't have a sweet tooth so even as a Brit I haven't eaten some of these and if I eat a desert it's rarely a tradition British one, I'm just not a fan, I know sad huh?! However Deb above mentioned ginger sponge cake, now that and custard I could eat!!

  7. I love all cakes! infact I would say I am obsssed on pastries and I love to try new kinds..I'm surprised I dont have a cake tatt..love the colors on your sweet cute cupcake suits you.

  8. have you heard of fly cemeteries?

  9. Glad I made you all feel hungry!
    Rachelle - Your version of B&B pud sounds divine...mmmmm
    Mrs M - so does yours! Boozy B&B pudding...mmm or even baileys custard...mmmmm
    Deb - Love all those puds too!
    La Dama - Thanks :) I love my cake, I'd like another!
    Blackberry - Mmmm yes - lots of currants..scrummy!